In November 2006 the first training was held

The pictures shown shall give you an impression what Land survival training is all about.

We trained survival techniques using equipment available on board of airplanes.

The training was a positive experience for all participants.

Im November 2006 fand das erste Überlebenstraining statt.

Wir trainierten Überlebenstechniken unter Zuhilfenahme von Ausrüstungsgegenständen, die an Bord eines Flugzeugs vorhanden sind.

Das Training war eine wertvolle, positive Erfahrung für alle Teilnehmer.



Physical fitness:

A proper health standard is necessary to join different trainings at Detachment “Sea Survival”.
Informations of your actual health- and fitness are required for these trainings at least 4 weeks before beginning of the regarding training.
Please send them to Condor Flugdienst GmbH.
Condor will forward your particulars to the medical specialist of Detachment “Sea Survival” Nordholz where your fitness for use will be diagnosed.
For your own safety we kindly ask you to answer the questions correctly and in detail.
Your particulars will be bound to professional discretion and will not refer to a third party.
Please note that an element of health risk remains during the practical training!
We wish you good time full of experiences and fun!

questionaire part 1

questionaire part 2